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Grayson’s Gift project provides specialized strobe/bed shaker units for smoke and carbon monoxide detection for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Our Mission

Working to bring the lives of the deaf and hard of hearing together through the promotion of health, safety, education and awareness.  Aiding in the accessibility of equipment and education for the improvement of the quality of life for the deaf and hard of hearing community.  Working to bring knowledge of the silent world to the hearing.


Deaf and hard of hearing citizens cannot use traditional smoke alarms because they might not hear them.

Project started in 2014 and is named after a former Gerrish fire fighter’s son who was born hard of hearing and has a cochlear implant.

  • These units are provided FREE to the deaf and hard of hearing citizens (young and old) and work off of traditional smoke and carbon monoxide detectors with transmitters and a receiving unit.
  • Traditional smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are also provided FREE with this program if the resident does not have them.
  • The units are installed FREE of charge by representatives from the Gerrish Fire/EMS Department and the Gerrish Police Department.
  • If a unit is installed in the residence, we provide information to the local 911 Center for emergency response purposes.


Specialized Strobe, Bed Shaker Units, Transmitter, and Receiving Units.


Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors, if resident doesn’t already have them.


Installation by Gerrish Fire & EMS Department representatives.

Free Emergency Sign Language Books

Grayson’s Gift provides Emergency Sign Language & Communication Resource Books to our local Police and Fire/EMS departments.

Free American Sign Language Classes

Grayson’s Gift promotes communication with the deaf and hard of hearing community by offering periodic American Sign Language classes. 

Grayson's Gift

Executive Board

The current Board consists of the following volunteers:
Kristen & Chris Carmany
Non-Voting Advisory Members
Mike Stempien
Kristi Gilliam
Julie Hill
Brandon Rodgers
Brian Hill

Grayson’s Gift Application

If you are deaf or hard of hearing or know of somebody that would benefit from this program please have them complete an application for one of these free units.

Complete the fields in this online form here to submit an e-application, or download a paper copy of the application (click the image below to download) and send to:

Grayson’s Gift
2997 E. Higgins Lake Drive
Roscommon, MI 48653

Questions? Call:

Brandon: (989) 821-9813 Ext. 240
Julie: (989) 821-5207 Ext. 291

Schedule an Installation

We provide installation services to the Roscommon and Crawford County areas only at this time. Use our scheduler below to book an installation appointment with us.

If you live out of the area, we can give you a unit but would not be able to provide installation.  The units come with complete installation instructions. For more information you can contact Brandon Rodgers at 989-821-9813 Ext. 240 or Julie Hill at 989-821-5207 Ext. 291.

NOTE: If you’re viewing this on mobile, or having trouble using the imbedded scheduler above on your desktop or tablet, the red “View Scheduler” button will take you directly to our scheduler.

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How to Use Our Scheduler:

  1. Available dates are highlighted in blue, select a date that works for you.
  2. Pick from the list of available times that appear. Appointments are 1 hour long.
  3. Confirm your booking by clicking the blue “Confirm” button that appears after you click the time you want.
  4. Complete the form: Full name, email address, phone number, address, and the service you’re booking. Click the blue “Schedule Event” button to complete your booking.

Grayson’s Gift is a registered non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization and was funded through the generous donations and grants from many local, state and national businesses, organizations and individuals.