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Drone video of live fire training

Gerrish Township Fire and EMS Department (GTFD) conducted a live fire training at South Higgins Lake State Park on Saturday, October 12th. We were able to use our Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) or Drone to take pictures and video from the air. Our Drone has both a regular camera and a Thermal Imagining Camera (TIC). In the video with the TIC images it will look like the video was taken at night but it’s actually daylight where the cool areas are darker and the warmer areas are orange or red. You’ll see red on some areas of the firefighters gear or bodies and you’ll see also see red where the fire has heated the air and the building. This tool will aid us in locating the fire or hot areas of a building and to gain a good overview of an incident scene. The two firefighters in the cover picture are one of our licensed pilots and an observer. GTFD has three FAA licensed pilots and we’ve used the drone for water rescue, land search and rescue, training events, and to provide aerial pictures of township parks and facilities. Please enjoy the two videos below.

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