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Live Fire Training

Observing fire behavior in one of the shower rooms

On Saturday, October 12, 2019 Gerrish Township Fire and EMS (GTFD) conducted Live Fire Training on an old toilet and shower building at South Higgins Lake State Park. The park is building a new toilet and shower building and this old building is set for demolition so they allowed us to train on and in it. GTFD organized the training following all NFPA 1403 Standards and State Fire Training Council requirements to assure a safe and effective training event. Gerrish, Markey, and Higgins Township Fire Departments participated and conducted forcible entry, roof and gable ventilation, operating engines and small equipment, observing fire behavior and smoke, suppressing fires, working as a team with other departments, and using the Incident Command System and accountability program. An opportunity to train on a building like this is rare and allowed our newer firefighters to practice skills here before going to a real fire as well as our more experienced firefighters to refresh and mentor others. A big thanks to South Higgins Lake State Park for allowing us to use their building and supporting their local fire departments.

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