Our Timeline Of

Historical Events

1949 MAY 16
Roscommon Village Council no longer offers fire services for Gerrish Twp
1949 NOV 22
Special election held to authorize purchase of fire truck
1950 APR 27
Township Board ordered fire equipment from W.S. Darley & Co. for $6,305.70
First fire hall built (Today's Station "2")
Ford Tanker was purchased which carried 1,000 gallons of water
Used Cadillac Hearse purchased from Detroit for $350 to use as an ambulance
Board authorized $1,000 to build meeting room onto fire hall
GMC Van purchased to replace hearse as ambulance
Used 4x4 truck purchased from DNR for brush/grass fire truck
New fire hall & municipal building built
New 1,000 gallon John Beam pumper purchased
New monitor system replaced telephone paging
GMC Suburban purchased to be used as an ambulance
Horton 4x4 Ambulance purchased for $40,000
First extrication tools purchased (Jaws of Life)
First full-time Chief hired
First full-time firefighter/EMT hired
Two new 2nd Lt. Officer positions implemented
Full-time EMS Coordinator hired
First two full-time paramedic firefighters hired
Restructure of officer positions created two Assistant Chief positions
Purchase of new rescue truck
2019 MAY 20
Fire department gets their own website separate from township.

Special Thanks to Taxpayers

Our fleet of equipment has grown from one truck in 1950 to our current fleet of an initial attack engine, rescue engine, pumper-tender, pick-up truck (grass truck), two ambulances, and a rescue boat. The support of the citizens of Gerrish Township and the many township boards that have served over the past seventy years is demonstrated by the quality equipment that the Gerrish Fire/EMS Department has. Because of this support the department has grown to be a leader in north central Michigan through advancements in equipment and technology, and supporting our responders with educational opportunities. 

As the years have gone by, our department has grown to meet the needs of our township. We still remain true to the attitude that was set 70 years ago by a group of leaders who saw a need and just wanted to help their community.

Today, Gerrish Township is a group of families serving together to help all the families and visitors of our community in their time of need. We thank you for your support and for the honor of serving our community.


Previous Gerrish

Fire Chiefs

The following men have held the office of chief for Gerrish Township Fire and EMS Department.
Robert Schicker
1st Chief
Keith Carrick
2nd Chief
1951 - 1953
Doug Purcell
3rd Chief
1954 - 1957
Ray Kinkella
4th Chief
1958 - 1959
David Lorion
5th Chief
1960 - 1963
Jim Pavek
6th, 11th & 15th Chief
1962 - 1963, 1972, 1978
Bruce Lorion
7th, 9th, 14th & 16th Chief
1964 - 1965, 1967 - 1969, 1976 - 1977, 1979 - 1980
Cliff Yorty
8th Chief
Jack Biggar
10th & 12th Chief
1970 - 1971, 1973
Wayne Robinson
13th Chief
1974 - 1975
Howard Telling
17th Chief
Edward Erber
18th & 20th Chief
1982 - 1983, 1986 - 1987
James Lippert
19th & 25th Chief
1984 - 1985, 2014-2018
Loren Baxter
21st Chief
Ralph Desloover
22nd Chief
1989 - 2001
Harold Conner Jr
23rd Chief
2001 - 2006
John Patchin
24th Chief
2006 - 2014
Jim Fisher
26th Chief
2018 - present