Gerrish Township Ordinances

Six ordinances that apply to the Fire & EMS Department’s services are listed here.

A complete list of the all the township ordinances can be found on the township website.

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Zoning Ordinance

Gerrish Township Zoning

Ordinance XXXXI

An ordinance enacted by Gerrish Township under the Public Act 110 in 2006, the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act, to regulate the use and development of land and provide for the establishment of districts within which specified land use and development may occur.

Burning Ordinance

Trash and Leaf Burning

Ordinance XXII

An ordinance to prohibit the burning of materials, other than for domestic purposes, and to provide penalty for violations.

Fireworks Ordinance

Lighting Fireworks

Ordinance XXXXV

An ordinance to establish a safe environment for the use or discharge of fireworks, and to regulate the public health, safety and general welfare of persons and property, in particular to ensure protection for the viewing public and the property owners surrounding the discharge site of fireworks.

House Number Display Ordinance

House Number Display

Ordinance XXVI

An ordinance to provide for the establishment, control, and regulation of street numbering display within Gerrish Township, to provide for penalties for violation of this Ordinance, and to repeal any Township ordinances, or parts of Township ordinances in direct conflict herein.

Hazardous Materials Emergency Ordinance

Hazardous Materials Emergency

Ordinance XXVII

An ordinance to establish charges for township emergency services responding to a hazardous materials emergency incident under Public Act 102 of 1990, and to provide methods for the collection of such charges.

Collections Fees Ordinance

Police and Fire Dep't Collection Fees

Ordinance XXI

An ordinance to secure the public peace, health and safety of the residents and property owners of Gerrish Township, Roscommon County, Michigan, a municipal corporation, by the authorization of the Police and Fire Departments to collect fees for service.