Burn Permit Application

Burn permits are obtained on an honor system: When you submit this application, you receive an automatic email granting you permission to burn and all local agencies that monitor lawful burning are notified. It is assumed that you will abide by the rules outlined in the Gerrish burning ordinance, and that you will visit the Michigan DNR’s website to confirm the county in which you’ll be burning has permission to burn that day.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources burning permits will be issued based on local fire risk and weather conditions.

Click here for more information on DNR burning permits.

Review the Burning Ordinance here:

Please note: If you proceed to burn without lawfully abiding by the ordinance and the terms you agreed to in this application, you can still be fined and punished by law – even with the permit.

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    Visit www.dnr.state.mi.us/burnpermits/ to check state burning permission for the county.