House Number Display Ordinance

Gerrish Township House Number Display Ordinance No. XXVI: An ordinance to provide for the establishment, control and regulation of street numbering display within Gerrish Township, to provide for penalties for the violation of this Ordinance and to repeal any Township ordinance or parts of Township ordinances in direct conflict herein.

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The Gerrish Township board has determined that the health,
safety, and welfare of the residents of Gerrish Township would be better served
by the establishment of a uniform township-wide street house number display
system. Such system will enable police agencies, ambulance services, fire
services, public utilities, postal service, township officials, and other
necessary services to more rapidly identify and locate properties within
Gerrish Township.


This ordinance shall be known and cited as the “GERRISH

SECTION II — Purpose

The purpose of this Ordinance is to establish a system
within Gerrish Township whereby the addresses of all premises will be
identified and to provide rules and guidelines to facilitate enforcement

SECTION III — Definitions

A. The term “premises” shall mean any lot or parcel of
land owned by any person, firm or corporation, public or private, improved with
buildings, whether occupied or not.

B. The term “house number” shall mean the official number
assigned that premise by Consumers Power Company and recognized by the
Roscommon County Central Dispatch governing board.

C. The term “interested party” shall refer to the
emergency services, owner, occupant, building department, public utilities or
any other governmental agency.

D. The term “street or road name” shall refer to any
official name as recognized by government authority. No such named street or
road shall be changed without the approval of the Gerrish Township Board,
Roscommon County Road Commission, the Roscommon County 911 Central Dispatch
governing board, and Consumers Energy Company. Gerrish Township Ordinance
Number XXVI Page 2 of 3

SECTION IV — Regulation

A. All premises shall bear the distinctive street number
assigned to that premise by Consumers Energy Company and recognized by
Roscommon County Central Dispatch governing board.

B. 1. All houses shall display upon the front of each
dwelling the distinctive street number assigned to that premise. The number
shall be placed in such a position as to be plainly visible to all road traffic
coming to the premise from both directions. These numbers shall be no less than
five (5) inches in height.

  • Ifa dwelling is more than 50 feet from the
    street or is not clearly visible from the road, every owner of a premise shall
    place or display adjacent to the road on which the property fronts a sign
    attached to a fence or post those distinctive street numbers assigned to that
    premise. These numbers shall be no less than three (3) inches in height. These
    numbers should be visible from both directions. The sign must be placed at a
    height to assure it does not become obscured by winter snows or snowplowing.
  • All house numbers shall be in either block or
    script style letters and shall be in contracting colors to their backgrounds
    whether on the dwelling or on a sign at the road.

SECTION V — Violations and Penalties:

Failure to display house numbers within sixty (60) days
after the adoption of this ordinance, or in the case of new construction,
within thirty (30) days after a letter or certificate of occupancy has been
issued, shall be considered a violation of this Ordinance and shall subject
such violator the penalties hereinafter provided.

Any person who violates any provision of this Ordinance is
responsible for a municipal civil infraction, subject to payment of a civil
fine of not less than $50.00, plus applicable costs and other sanctions for
each violation as authorized by Section 21 of Act No. 359 of the Public Acts of
1947, as amended, and the Gerrish Township Municipal Ordinance Violations
Bureau Ordinance.

Repeat offenses under this Ordinance shall be subject to
increased fines as provided by this Section. As used in this Section, ‘repeat
offense’ means a second (or any subsequent) violation of the same requirement
or provision of this Ordinance within any three (3) year period for which the
person admits responsibility or is determined to be responsible. The increased
fine for a repeat offense under this Ordinance shall be as follows: 1) The fine
for any offense which is a first repeat offense shall be not less than $125.00,
plus costs. 2) The fine for any offense which is a second repeat offense shall
be not less than $250.00, plus costs. Gerrish Township Ordinance Number XXVI
Page 3 of 3

  • The
    find for any offense which is a third repeat, or any subsequent repeat offense,
    shall be not less than $400.00 each, plus costs.

Each day on which any violation of this Ordinance
occurs or continues, constitutes a separate offense subject to separate

SECTION VI — Saving Clause

The provisions of this Ordinance are hereby declared to be
severable and if any clause, sentence, word, section or provision is declared
void or unenforceable, for any reason, by a court of competent jurisdiction,
the remaining portions of said Ordinance shall remain in full force and effect.

SECTION VIII — Effective Date

This Ordinance shall take effect, following publication as
required by law, on July 1, 1996.

Roll call: Yes: Carlson, Mahalak, Stiefelmayer, Weatherly
No: None Absent: Lippert

Amended: January 12, 1999 Roll call: Yes: Carlson, Boyle,
Ragan, Lippert, Weatherly No: None

Amended: June 13, 2000 Roll call: Yes: Carlson, Boyle,
Ragan, Lippert, Weatherly No: None